Virtual Sampler SDK 1.5.1

Virtual Sampler SDK 1.5.1: Emulated wavetable engine for developers Sampler Library (VSL.DLL) provides applications running on Pentium-class PCs under MS Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP with a MIDI-controlled, low-latency, fully programmable wavetable module implemented entirely in software. The Virtual Sampler SDK contains the documentation and code needed to use the Virtual Sampler Library in your own programs. It also includes the Mellosoftron, the live, emulated sampler based on the Virtual Sampler Library, for quick

DJ Music Mixer 5.4: Full-featured DJ software & beat mxing to remix MP3 and video professionally.
DJ Music Mixer 5.4

Sampler Decks: DJ samplers are essential elements of a mixer software, and DJ Music Mixer has 12 independent sampler decks with recorder. You have plenty of room to load and record music parts. Ultimate and Endless Effects: Bunch of powerful and customizable effects including: Chorus, Distortion, Echo, Flanger, Gargle, Reverb, Parametric Eq., etc. Audio CD Ripper: Advanced CD Ripper tool reads audio tracks from your CDs and save audio CD to variety

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Mellosoftron 3.4: Turn your PC into a sampler; use any WAV as a MIDI instrument!
Mellosoftron 3.4

sampler. In short, it turns your PC into a sampler which you can play live with a MIDI keyboard, with a sequencer or with any MIDI file player. Any sound card with a DirectSound 3 (or later) driver will do - you don`t need a particular brand or model. You can edit all instrument patches and create new ones from scratch using your own WAVs as sound sources. Since it comes with an integrated patch editor and uses the same file formats (PRGs and WAVs

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Ravenhurst Sampler 1.0: Sampler featuring 10 random photographs by J Barnhurst
Ravenhurst Sampler 1.0

Sampler Screensaver featuring 10 random photographs including our unique Aurorae images and scenes from nature screensavers. By photographer J. Barnhurst. All graphics are 1024X768 resolution.

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SampliTron 1: A virtual sofware sampler instrument designed for live play.
SampliTron 1

SampliTron is a virtual software sampler instrument designed for live play. It can be controlled via the computer keyboard or with an external MIDI device. It includes a library of high-quality .WAV samples.

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Randomax VSTi 1.0.0

Randomax is a new and unique Drumsampler which can randomize whole Drumkits and more, perfect for any style of music. * 11 Slots, 17 Samples at once * Easy Layout, divided into Sections * 800 Drumsounds included * 128 complete Drumkits * "One Click New Drumkit" * four assignable stereo Outputs * one stereo auxillary send * Typical modulation stuff * Total randomization

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AudioGenie DLL AudioGenie is for tagging and analyzing audio files such mp3,mp4, ogg,wma,wav ..
AudioGenie DLL

AudioGenie is a fast 32Bit DLL with over 450 functions to read audio file information (like Bitrate, Samplerate, Frames, Duration, Version-Number, etc). The DLLhas also functionality to read and write audio file tags like id3v1, id3v2, ape and more. AudioGenie was written in C++, which provides very good performance. AudioGenie works internally with Unicode-Strings for international language support.

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